Ron Higgins 
Washington State Superintendent of Public Instruction
Address:  P. O. Box 4702
                  West Richland, WA 99353

Who is Ron Higgins?

An engineer who retired from the US Department of Energy in 2009 and earned a Washington State teaching certificate with a mathematics endorsement in 2010 and a California State teaching credential with a mathematics endorsement in 2015; substitute teacher in six public school districts in Washington State since 2009; taught all grades from pre-school through high school, and nearly every subject, including bi-lingual and special educationsubstitute teacher for both public and charter schools in California, including inner-city schools in south-central Los Angeles, in 2015; served in Vietnam as a Marine Corps helicopter pilot during the Vietnam War, retiring from the Marine Corps Reserves as a Lt. Colonel; earned two Master of Science degrees, one in Chemical Engineering from the University of Washington; passed the Washington State Professional Engineer’s Exam in Mechanical Engineering
school bus driver for the Pasco School District in 2010-2011.

Why is Ron Higgins running for State Superintendent of Public Instruction?

Maintain local control of our children’s education
Local control is foundational to our educational system. The federal educational hierarchy is trying to force on us a program that will override local controlCommon Core Curriculum. Although sounding appealing, Common Core takes educational control away from parents and local educators and gives it to professional bureaucrats, many located thousands of miles away, and many who have never been classroom teachers. Common Core stifles local educational innovation, impeding the implementation of local improvement initiatives. Our first priority needs to be: maintain local control of our children’s education by opposing Common Core.  As Washington State Superintendent of Public Instruction, I plan to implement COMMON SENSENOT Common Core.

Build on the Past
Instruct children in the principles contained in our nation’s founding documents (Declaration of Independence and US Constitution).

Value the Present
​• Ensure parents maintain the ultimate authority for the education of their children.
​• Prevent our students from being bullied by well-financed special-interest pressure groups that promote and affirm unhealthy lifestyles.
• Promote healthy lifestyles and sobriety.  
• Protect personnel from violence

Prepare for the Future
• Affirm the authority of parents to shepherd their children from childhood to adulthood.
• Treat boys as boys and girls as girls.  
• Make required courses more relevant.  
• Provide educational opportunities for all. 
• Maintain high literary standards.
​• Ensure that schools teach students the whole truth.

Investigate ways to assist educators by:
​• Eliminating unneeded testing.
​• Affirming educators’ rights to voluntarily join, or not join, unions.
​• Reducing teachers’ administrative burden
• Enhancing teachers’ career flexibility

Education: build on the past; value the present; prepare for the future